If you’ve come to the conclusion that a trowel-applied epoxy flooring system is the right solution for you and your project, your next question is: What contractor should you partner with to get started on your new flooring system? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

At DESCO Coatings, we’ve provided quality flooring and wall systems since 1959 and have a range of solutions for seamless, decorative, epoxy floor systems that offer superior wear, chemical, impact and abrasion resistance while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic appearance. Since our inception, DESCO Coatings has offered the the highest quality of technical surfacing system applications and services.

Members of the architectural and engineering communities have trusted DESCO Coatings for decades because our team is experienced, reliable, timely and has a proven track record of high quality product, installation and performance. Unlike our competitors, our journeymen applicators have completed a special apprenticeship program specifically designed for our industry. We’ve had this apprenticeship program in place at DESCO Coatings since 1963.

At DESCO Coatings, we have extensive experience helping clients in a number of industries, including applications for senior living facilities, hospitals and other spaces in the health and biotechnology realm. An expert from the DESCO Coatings team will partner with you throughout your project, acting as a consultant and invested participant in your success. Our consultants and salespeople work closely with designers to make sure every project requirement is met to ensure the final product is both aesthetically appealing and functional for your needs.

You’ve made the right choice for your facility in choosing epoxy for your flooring material. Make the right choice in your contractor by partnering with DESCO Coatings.