About Biotechnology/Biomedical Flooring

From the lab to production, clean rooms and packaging lines, biotech flooring needs to offer superior protection against biohazard contamination, keep personnel safe from slips and be able to withstand impacts, heavy traffic and abrasive chemicals. DESCO Coatings has a variety of flooring solutions that offer these features and more, all while providing you with an attractive, durable, cost-effective solution.

In the biomedical industry, your work needs to meet exceptionally high standards. Your biotech flooring should meet standards that are just as high. With the right flooring solution from DESCO Coatings, you get a flooring system that meets or exceeds every standard and keeps staff processes running smoothly and efficiently.

Featured Products

Whatever the size, scope or needs of your project, DESCO Coatings has a solution. It’s our goal to provide you with an end product that is functional, pragmatic and aesthetically pleasing. With our experienced staff and skillfully designed products, we can exceed the expectations for any project.