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About Education

Educational facilities can have a variety of different flooring requirements for different areas, from gymnasiums and locker rooms to cafeterias and science labs. But all these areas have one common requirement: whatever kind of flooring is used, it needs to be durable. DESCO Coatings flooring solutions can stand up to heavy, daily traffic and routine cleaning while offering abrasion resistance, noise reduction and more.

DESCO Coatings offers a variety of different flooring solutions designed to meet any possible need for those in the education space, and in a variety of attractive designs and colors, with custom colors and designs available. Whatever your needs, DESCO Coatings will provide you with a solution that is durable, scratch-resistant, long lasting and easy to maintain.

Our Products

Whatever the size, scope or needs of your project, DESCO Coatings has a solution. It’s our goal to provide you with an end product that is functional, pragmatic and aesthetically pleasing. With our experienced staff and skillfully designed products, we can exceed the expectations for any project.