About Manufacturing

Seamless and durable floors are essential in manufacturing settings. Manufacturing flooring solutions need to be able to withstand heavy traffic, static electricity, abrasive chemicals and more, all while being slip-resistant, long-lasting, attractive and low maintenance. It’s a tall order, but DESCO Coatings has a variety of solutions to meet these requirements.

Regardless of what you manufacture or what kind of facility you need a solution for, DESCO Coatings has an answer and will partner with you to find the best possible flooring system for your needs. Our flooring systems are designed to meet and exceed any standards set by regulatory agencies, as well as your own standards, and offer superior performance in any environment.

Our Products

Whatever the size, scope or needs of your project, DESCO Coatings has a solution. It’s our goal to provide you with an end product that is functional, pragmatic and aesthetically pleasing. With our experienced staff and skillfully designed products, we can exceed the expectations for any project.