Hydrabond Flooring

About Hydrabond

DESCO HydraBond is the clear choice for rapid construction projects or projects that involve fresh concrete, as HydraBond can be used on concrete as new as three days old and is not dependent on moisture vapor transmission readings. This is because HydraBond reduces the passage of water vapor and moisture through slabs on, above or below grade, eliminating delamination and blistering of resin floor systems, epoxy terrazzo, coatings and other floor systems. HydraBond is water-based with a high moisture tolerance. It has low VOC and doesn’t support mold growth.

HydraBond works because its porosity creates void “reservoirs” that attract and disperse vapor during initial cure. This removes the key component of the osmotic cell, which is what causes blistering of floor coatings.

After the application of HydraBond, your new floor system can be finished with an overcoat of any DESCO flooring system.