Frequently Asked Questions

How long has DESCO been installing epoxy floors?

DESCO Coatings has been installing high quality epoxy flooring systems since 1959. We are one of the oldest epoxy companies in the Midwest.

How long will an epoxy floor last?

Epoxy flooring is incredibly long lasting. There are flooring systems that were installed by DESCO Coatings in 1963 that are still in use today. However, every floor is used and cared for in different ways. If you take care of your epoxy flooring system, it can last for decades.

How long does an epoxy floor install take?

Each job varies in length based on a variety of different factors. Installing an epoxy floor is a complicated process; we’re creating a system that requires several different steps and coatings to complete. However, most typical jobs are finished within 5 to 7 days. If you have questions as to how long a project that addresses your specific needs will take to complete, contact a DESCO project manager today, and they can give you a more accurate time estimate.

Does your epoxy flooring cause breathing hazards?

No. While epoxy can contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can evaporate into the air and create potential health hazards, all of our epoxy floor systems are low VOC and can be safely used in everyday buildings, including confined spaces, with no issues.  

When can I walk on my new floor?

After DESCO Coatings has completed installing your new flooring system, you can typically walk on the floor within 12-24 hours, depending on the system. DESCO Coatings also offers polyaspartic (or fast setting) systems that can be walked on the same day.

Does moisture affect your flooring systems when bonding to concrete surfaces?

Typically, epoxy flooring cannot be applied over fresh concrete. However, at DESCO Coatings, our HydraBond flooring system can be applied over concrete as new as three days old without creating a vapor barrier or causing the flooring to bubble or blister.

Could I buy your product and install it myself?

In short, no. Every installer at DESCO Coatings goes through a thorough, five-year apprenticeship, mentor and leadership program. This ensures that every DESCO installer has the wealth of knowledge and experience necessary to install any floor or wall system for any job.

Does DESCO Coatings have a silica dust protection plan to comply with new laws regarding silica use?

Yes. All of our equipment uses silica-approved filters and special dust shrouds.  

Are all of DESCO Coatings’s flooring systems made on-site at every project?

Yes, all of our installs are manufactured or made onsite. This is the only way to create a seamless resinous floor; each flooring system is carefully crafted by hand.

Can you take a flooring system vertically up a wall for added durability?

Yes, all of DESCO Coatings’s systems can be applied vertically or horizontally for a seamless floor to wall transition.